The Council, is a working committee of ADOZONA ("Dominican Free Zone Association") tasked to assist and promote the Dominican Contact Center and BPO industry.

The Dominican Contact Center & BPO Council works to assist and promote the Contact Center/BPO outsource industry. Participants include the significant Contact Center & BPO companies outsourcing to the US and beyond. The Council is a working committee of ADOZONA, the Association of Free Zone companies in the Dominican Republic.

This web page is established for the purpose of furthering our mission by promoting the country, the Dominican Call Center & BPO companies and the positive impact we are making in the country. This page is made possible by the sponsorship of ADOZONA and CNZFE.

Disclaimer: There are Contact Center & BPO companies in the DR that serve local commerce or are not registered as Free Zone export companies with the National Council for Free Zone Companies (CNZFE) that aren’t within our scope of focus.

The Council has been hard at work to bring together the important players in the Call Center & BPO industry to be a voice and organizer: to educate the general public about what our industry does, our contributions to the society and the country, opportunities for employment, advantages to outsource to the DR, promote the establishment of educational programs to expand and improve our existing talent and potential employee base, modernize laws and regulations to improve the competitiveness of our industry, and be a driving force for healthy growth and collaboration.

The Council is a working committee of ADOZONA and is headed by David Crow, from Synergies Corp, Dariana Lorenzo, from ADOZONA, Vittorio Dall’omo from UNO, Giacomo Traverso from ADVENSUS and Lilliam McCann from CCD.

Institutions that support our efforts are as follows:
  • ADOZONA (Association of Free Zone Companies)
  • CNZFE (National Council of Free Zone for Export)
  • CEI-RD (Center for Export and Investments in the Dominican Republic)
  • MESCYT (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology)
  • INFOTEP (Institute of Professional Technical Formation)
  • INDOTEL (Dominican Institute of Telecommunications)
  • Most leading Universities

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  • Near-shore advantages like similar time zone and convenient travel
  • High degree of cultural affinity with the US.
  • Moderately high educated and motivated young population.
  • Accent neutral English language speakers.
  • Diverse capabilities from basic Data Entry to sophisticated BPO and KPO
  • Interesting and fun place to visit for client meetings and training.
  • Advanced Telecommunication Industry
  • The DR hosts the “NAP of the Americas” for advances connectivity
  • Cost competitive
  • Government support and strong sector leadership.
  • Mix of local and international centers