The Council, is a working committee of ADOZONA ("Dominican Free Zone Association") tasked to assist and promote the Dominican Contact Center and BPO industry.


Apr 02, 2022 / phernandez

Contact Center & BPO Cluster participates in Ministry of Labor April 2020 Career Fair


Mar 09, 2022 / phernandez

Congratulations to the INFOTEP for obtaining their certification im Contact Center Service Station Operation!


Nov 01, 2021 / dsalisch

CCD and Teleperformance executives assure that companies are committed to the development of local talent to attract more foreign investment


Nov 19, 2020 / lbrea

Taking into account the challenges that Covid-19 has brought as a consequence and in search of initiatives that can help with the sustainability of the subsector, as well as the generation of employees, the CCC & BPO considered of great importance the development of a regulatory framework for the implementation effective form of "Telework" that can guarantee the legal security of the parties.


Nov 12, 2020 / lbrea

The General Coordinator of the CCCBPO, David Crow, communicated to the Technical Secretary of the Cluster his decision to reinstate the position of General Coordinator of the Cluster for 2021-2022, for the benefit and service of all.


Nov 05, 2020 / lbrea

During the month of November we initiated contact via the office of the Minister of the Presidency to participate in an initiative related to the preparation of the National Qualifications Catalog (CNC) of the professional family of Informatics and Communications, in the context of the National Qualifications Framework ( MNC). Said catalog is the instrument that orders the qualifications of the MNC into professional levels and families, which can be recognized and documented through degrees or certificates, and classifies them according to social, productive and national development needs.