The Council, is a working committee of ADOZONA ("Dominican Free Zone Association") tasked to assist and promote the Dominican Contact Center and BPO industry.


March 1, 2023

Today, Synergies has become the main contributor of Ciudad Santa Maria a Catholic Educational Community Center educating 1,700 youth with a superior bilingual public education.

lso, Synergies is involved in and major sponsor of the yearly “Corazones de Navidad” production and event in Santiago during the Christmas season.

Synergies Cares Foundation currently has the following active initiatives:

  • The Educational Program at Ciudad Santa Maria: This program aims to transform what initially was a public school of 150 students, into a model public bilingual school, the first in the country, with a population of approximately 1,700 students, transforming La Otra Banda into an exemplary community. See:
  • Synergies Cares Volunteer Program: demonstrates Synergies’ commitment to the community and willingness to work for the development of those in need. The Volunteer Program’s goal is to help provide employment opportunities to change the lives of children through monetary and non-monetary donations. (For example, Building construction and repair, support/training to teachers, house painting in the community, and donating books).
  • Corazon de la Navidad: is a magical annual event of lights, music and color during the Christmas season, illuminating the gardens of The Gran Teatro Regional del Cibao and Monumental area of Santiago. It has become a highly anticipated event due to the enjoyment and entertainment offered to the whole family with artistic shows, parades, games, food and many other attractions.
  • Remodeling and Relaunch of the CCDA: Synergies Cares Foundation together with other private institutions have invested in the Centro Dominico Americano (CCDA) to relaunch the institution. The renovations came hand-in-hand with the English immersion program, an initiative supported by the U. S. Department of State, offering English language skills for young, talented individuals between the ages of 17-25, with economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The goal of this immersion program is to graduate 240 English speaking students a year, giving them an opportunity to enter the labor market.
  • Health Program at Ciudad Santa Maria: The Synergies Cares Foundation has donated a primary care clinic for the communities of La Otra Banda & Villa Liberación. This center provides access to medical care, preventive medicine and health programs to the community.
  • Synergies Cares Foundation Scholarship Program: Offers scholarship support to exemplary students (including employees, employees’ children and honor roll students of Ciudad Santa Maria) to have access to higher educational studies. Currently, the foundation has 13 students with scholarships at PUCMM University studying IT, Education and Architecture.

Today, Synergies has become the main contributor of Ciudad Santa Maria a Catholic Educational Community Center.