The Council, is a working committee of ADOZONA ("Dominican Free Zone Association") tasked to assist and promote the Dominican Contact Center and BPO industry.


March 1, 2023

The way the program is structure all interested employees in volunteer to work can submit to HR the request to support an activity that would benefit a social cause in Santiago or the region where they are interest to contribute.

Once a proposal is receive and approved, UNO works together a strategy along with the employee (s) that submitted the proposal to promote internally the initiative, raise awareness on the issue and work around the logistics of how the support from the company would be implemented.

In the past two years we have participated in several initiatives including:

  • School supplies donation for public schools in underprivileged areas.
  • Christmas celebration and gifts donation to different foundations that work with underprivileged kids, like “CONANI” (government institution that works with orphans kids), “Juguetes por una sonrisa” (Toys for Smiles, nonprofit volunteer organization) and “Jóvenes regalando sonrisas” (Youth giving smiles, nonprofit volunteer organization).
  • Monetary contribution plus participation in march for the support of the “Voluntariado Jesús con los Niños” (Volunteer Group Jesus with the children), which is a nonprofit organization that works helping the low income families that have children struggling with cancer.
  • Participation in the cleaning efforts of the Gurabo river, which is highly contaminated area in the community where we come together with several other groups in the community organize cleaning and decontamination strategies.
  • Participation on the march and other activities to promote a non-violence culture against children in the community. These also in conjunction with the Jose Delio Clase foundation and other groups in the community.
  • Monetary contribution to the Accion Callejera Program, which is a nonprofit organization that works educating young people to a technical degree from underprivileged communities.