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¡We are a sector of opportunities!

We are focused on integrating Contact Center and BPO companies in the Dominican Republic to strengthen and accelerate the growth of this industry, achieving a high socioeconomic impact at the national level.


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The Contact Centers & BPO Cluster of the Dominican Republic, constituted by the Dominican Free Zones Association (ADOZONA), was created with the objective of promoting an environment of integration to capitalize on the growth capacity of the industry, while offering professional development opportunities across the nation. The Cluster is composed of 19 free zone companies in the Contact Center & BPO industry, which represent approximately 75% of the sector’s total employment

The CC&BPO’s work structure is based on 3 committees, focused on promoting and improving initiatives related to human capital development, legal and labor affairs, as well as the positioning and promotion of the contact center sector, to attract new business

Our Coordinators

Giacomo Traverso

Giacomo Traverso

General Coordinator | Advensus
Lilliam McCann

Lilliam McCann

Technical Coordinator, Public Relations Committee | CCD
Eva Reynoso

Eva Reynoso

Technical Coordinator, Human Resources & Education Committee | Newtech
Marino Pichardo

Marino Pichardo

Technical Coordinator, Legal & Labor Committee | Teleperformance
Dariana Lorenzo

Dariana Lorenzo

Project Manager | ADOZONA

Our Objectives

Positioning and Competitiveness

Potentiate the acceleration of digital transformation of business and trade to turn the DR into the country of preference in LATAM for outsourcing.

Strengthening of the Subsector for government institutions and the Dominican population.

Public Relations Program to promote employment in the industry.

Availability of Human Capital

Foster public-private English strategies to meet the demand for bilinguals.

Promote “study to work” programs with bilingual skills.

Consider an educational credit for employment program to learn English.

Legal security

Ensure remote work modality for Contact Centers & BPO after the state of emergency (law 8-90).

Create conditions that allow companies to face fraud and identity theft of our clients.

Normalize and modernize control of assets together with the DGA.

Our members provide modern, high-quality services

This sector is constantly evolving and diversifying its functions, including today a wide range of modern services for process outsourcing.